This is just a little “cultural” note on clothing appropriate for Greece. In my opinion, Americans are among the most barbarously clothed creatures on the planet at the moment, though we’re followed closely by the Australians and the Germans, it is true. We resemble nothing so much as overgrown—immensely overgrown—toddlers in our billowing XXL T-shirts and our fuchsia tracksuits. Europeans, by and large, dress more like adults, i.e. in a more sophisticated manner. They rarely expand to our size-16 dresses and 42-inch-waisted pants. They wear a more subtle palette of colors, and they dress up, in general, rather than think they can get away with gym clothes for every occasion.

Oias Cathedral Santorini

In packing for this trip to Greece, just keep in mind that you don’t want to look like a figure of fun, even while on vacation. I know I’m being fussy and judgmental, but I hate the image Europeans have of us, and wish we could take a look in a more international mirror before we sally forth into the world at large. Screaming eagle belt buckles? Alligator boots? Plaid golf shorts? Can you just leave them at home? Think Katherine Hepburn; think Tiger Woods! Think a touch of class.

Also, there are a lot of churches in Greece, and beautiful ones you’ll want to visit. Shorts on either sex, trousers on women, and even sleeveless tops are not permitted in many Greek Orthodox churches. Don’t embarrass yourself, or the priests, monks and nuns, by entering a church inappropriately dressed.